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Do Have a Look at some of our Recent Work

Below are examples of “Premium Unlimited” sites.  You have freedom to add more pages.  We create the initial design and a minimum of 10+ pages.  Prices from £999.00.


Styles are changing all the time and here in this brief portfolio of our “Premium Unlimited” websites you’ll find some examples of our recent work.  The box design of old has pretty well gone now with websites stretching across the screen and the vertical menus have given way to horizontal menus with either sub menus or sometimes ‘mega’ menus depending on the number of pages.

Alongside each image are some details of the company and perhaps what inspired that particular design but in truth there’s no better way of determining the quality of a website than to look at the actual website itself.  So just click on the image and the site will open in a new window.  We are confident you will like what you see.

Harry Stebbing Workshop - Caston Web Designs Portfolio

Harry Stebbing Workshop

Harry Stebbing Workshop is a well established manufacturer specialising in Memorial Benches, Village Notice Boards as well as Ecclesiastical furniture.

There current website was old and difficult to manage and we were pleased to be able to offer them a Premium Unlimited site, fully manageable by themselves.

The site is now not only extensive but also quick to load and fully reflects the very fine furniture that they make.  Click the image on the left and take a look.  (Based in Hingham.)

Clayland Architects - Caston Web Designs Portfolio

Clayland Architects

Having created a website for this prominent firm of architects some five years ago it was time to look again at this extensive site consisting of close to 100 pages.

Clayland were very particular in what they wanted and we were able to design a site that was right on target as far as their needs were concerned.  This is a Premium Unlimited site and highly professional in its presentation.  But judge for yourself by clicking the image on the left to go direct to the site.  (Based in Mundford.)

Carbrooke School - CWD-Portfolio

Carbrooke School

With the existing site looking quite old we were asked to produce a very primary looking site for this primary school.  Bright colours and cartoon characters were the order of the day.  The content of this extensive 40 page site is handled by the teaching staff using our very easy to handle content management system.
View the site by clicking the image   (Based in Carbrooke.)



Maya Wellbeing - CWD-Portfolio

Maya Wellbeing

Maya Wellbeing needed a site that reflected a positive view on life.  With its colourful happy front page images it really does do that and makes a nice feature site for our recent portfolio work.  But it also contains videos too, made by the site owner where she is able to spell out clearly the service that she offers.  She also manages the content and again we are here to assist should she get stuck.  This is one of our premium WordPress sites.
Click the image to view the site   (Based in Diss.)




Alan Smith Associates

Alan Smith & Associates Ltd

Alan Smith & Associates has three business streams and the requirement for this site was to ensure equal value be given to each business stream.  This is a premium site that is quite feature rich.  It has bold images on each of the pages which was as specified by the commercial director in order to be both impactive and to hold attention while at the same time being informative. This site intentionally gives solidity to the company.  The company serves other businesses and this site shows the strength and backup that can be provided by the extensive quality of the team that they have.  (Click the image to view the site. Based in Windsor)



Saham Studio - CWD-Portfolio

Saham Studio

The partners at Saham Studio were running two sites, one which was excellent at displaying images but was lacking when it came to text.  Many photographic sites have this problem.  A second site was set up which was great for text but not flexible enough when it came to uploading and deleting images.  Our brief was to come up with a site that could handle both and this is the result with which the partners are delighted.  It has a full content management system which means after an hour’s training they can now handle updating the site themselves.  (Click the image to go to the site and see for yourself.  Based in Saham Toney)



Would You Like to See Some More?

We have lots more websites that we can show you, across a multitude of businesses.  From Cancer Charities to Care Homes .  From Metal Workers to Motor Dealers.  No business is beyond our understanding when it comes to designing a website.